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Dog Grooming

Why Pet Grooming is

Healthy fur, skin and paws makes for a healthy dog and your furry friend deserves the best. When adding a dog to your family it is important to know why grooming is essential to the health of your pet, this includes every breed. 


Skin & Coat:

Brushing, scrubbing and blow drying a dog removes dead skin, dead hair, dirt and dandruff. Brushing also brings out the natural oils in your dogs fur which leaves them with a glossy and healthy shine. 

Regular brushing prevents matts and tangles as well. Matts cause painful pulling to the skin. It can cut off blood flow and regular air circulation. Matting can also lead to infections, abrasions and can conceal other health issues and parasites.



Long nails can be painful and cause discomfort. It can lead to joint pain and painful posture. Regular nail trimming will prevent this discomfort and keep the nails from curling.

It is also helpful for older pets to ease arthritis and other joint pain.


How dog groomers are beneficial:

Taking care of a dog is a good deal of work and requires a lot of time and effort. Groomers can advise which products and maintenance is best for your dogs coat. The grooming salon experience also helps your pet get accustomed to different environments and social situations. 

Handling during grooming also helps determine any lumps, skin irritation and parasites early on. 

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